About Digital Photos​

Digital photos are the core of our user-focused service. As resolutions can be confusing, we've separated our options into two options. Shareable digitals photos perfect for social media. And Printables digital photos ideal for self-printing and sharing. We do not practice stamping or watermarking digital photos you've purchased for personal use.

But we love being highlighted with the #JazminPlaytisPhotography! or @Jazmin_playtis_ Thank you

Digital Shareable
Long edge: 1800px
Print Equivalent: 4×6”
File type: .jpeg(.jpg)


Our digital photo resolution has enough pixels for any social media platform you wish to share-on.  You can even do a 4×6 print with good details at 300ppi.  We also do not watermark or place logo stamps on your purchased digital photos.


Social Media Resolutions
Shareable Resolution1800px
Facebook Post1200px
Instagram Post1400px

Digital Printable
Long edge: Original
Print Equivalent: 4×6″ to 13×19″
File type: .jpeg(.jpg)

Our digital files are setup to print at 300ppi(Pixals Per Inch). This will produce a very sharp imagine based on chart below. You can however reduce the ppi during printing to enable larger prints. This will impact quality, but when done correctly will go unnoticed based on viewing distance.
Self Printing Recommendation (300ppi)
Size Shareable Printable
4×6 Yes Yes
5×7 Yes
8.5×11 Yes
13×19 Yes